One cannot see oneself without a mirror.

George Thompson


As a coach, I have been helping people reach their goals for many years.  My service to others includes more than 20 years as a consultant, coach, advisor, author, speaker, and trainer, alongside many years in the financial services industry, and more than a decade as a contractor.

As a certified trainer for the Winner Institute in Baton Rouge, I have the privilege of teaching skills in a variety of areas, including communications, leadership, management, people skills, decision-making, and personal development.  I have coached and trained thousands of people, in dozens of different companies, at every level of capability and responsibility.

Having worked in management for several firms, and having earned a Master of Business Administration degree, I have the perspectives required to mentor you, and help you develop your own executive leadership skill set.

With my background in engineering, and many years of experience working as a licensed mechanical and electrical contractor, I have been responsible for the installation and service of mechanical, electrical, and control systems in commercial and industrial facilities throughout Louisiana, giving me the ability to relate well with anyone in the engineering, architectural, or construction-related fields.

I am a proud graduate of Tulane University, where I earned a B.S. degree in electrical engineering, and my Master of Business Administration degree. I am a co-author of a book and program on attitude entitled Split Second Choice, the Power of Attitude, and an avid martial arts student, studying both Taekwondo and Jujitsu.  I have served as a board member and/or advisor to a variety of business and non-profit organizations, and have been happily married for more than 30 years to my wife, Kathy.  Together, we have three wonderful children.

I would consider it a privilege to help you reach your highest potential.